A brands’ image is developed over time through consistent brand themes and authenticated through its customers’ direct experience. Images are an important factor that visually depicts a brand and also attaches visuals with emotions.

These days you have 5-10 seconds to capture the attention of your audience, connect with your message, make an impact and now because of digital media make it viral. Not getting your images right when promoting your brand offline or even online through PR, marketing and advertising can mean a lot of missed opportunities with brand growth and success.
Here are some ways to have your brand be impacted by using images correctly.


  • Determine a minimum size for your logo and use it consistently
  • Keep the positioning of your logo on the graphic consistent
  • Social media graphics should have no more than 3 fonts
  • Use the typeface most commonly associated with your brand
  • Integrate your brand colours and use them repetitively
  • Use images that suit your brand personality, the product, service or experience you offer
  • Use images that identify the kind of experience your product or service empowers through clever product placement imagery.
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